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About us

What we are

Studio Glyph is an independent design company that strives to create impactful and meaningful solutions for brands. We’re based in Mumbai, but work with a number of big and small businesses across the country. Glyph is an experiment that, over the years, has taken on a life of its own, and when we say experiment, think more well-charted course of travel and less whimsical road trip.


What we do

As creative problem-solvers, we don’t limit ourselves to a medium, and sometimes not even to a brief. We love puzzles, and we think your design problem is like an addictive jigsaw. We won’t stop until we help you get the full picture. That’s what gives us our jollies in life. Figuring out interesting design solutions that is. Although actual jigsaw puzzles aren’t bad either.


What we know

Our team has worked with ad agencies, design companies, retail and architecture design firms, and everything in-between. From the largest organisations to the newest start-ups, our clients span various sectors across the luxury segment, including Hospitality, Real Estate, FashionBeauty and Skin Care. 


What’s New

After over 15 years of existence, Payal Singhal gets a transformation – one befitting a brand as mature, edgy, nostalgic and yet right up there paving the way for fashion in India. We created a brand identity that aptly reflects her design sensibility. One that straddles the classic with the contemporary, and feminine grace with unapologetic boldness.


Our Latest Design Projects

What they say about us