Started out of a heritage bungalow of 1929 vintage, Studio Glyph is a multidisciplinary design company that provides brands with creative design solutions that add value in both, the short and long run, to help businesses grow.


Not just a pretty typeface. 

Our approach is strategic. We understand communication strategy and the deep impact it has on business. This is why our process involves questioning pretty much everything. For us, it isn’t always about having all the answers, but sometimes also asking the right questions.


You only have to think
out of the box if you’re in one. 

We like to think limitlessly, so we know that we are considering everything before recommending what’s best for your brand. The upshot is you might find us challenging your brief. If the end needs to be unconventional, so does the start.


Same team guys.

Design is the outcome of a journey, and problem solving is a process. To make both fruitful, we demand working with key people in an organisation to deepen our understanding of the problem or opportunity, debating the merits and demerits of various approaches before choosing one and then finally arriving at a design solution.This is also why we do not believe in pitching or creating spec work to help clients make their decisions under any circumstances.


Creative is,
as creative does.

If you’re looking for a bunch of weird looking, coloured-hair toting creative artists, you’ve reached the wrong place. We’re creative alright, but we believe creative communication is nothing short of a science. It’s based on observation, understanding the consumer, methodical research and suggesting whats ideal in view of the agenda set for the brand. It’s not about what we like, or what you like for that matter. It’s about what’s best for the brand, and that’s our single minded goal.