Glyph came on board to launch Burgundy Hospitality's newest brand of gourmet candy for grown-ups. Straight from Spain, this brand is all about creativity and quirk. In their launch phase, we helped them with packaging and key communication design for their social media, along with store VM to help educate and create buzz about this new entrant in the confectionery market.  


Videos for social media

Papabubble India Launch Campaign Overview

International Day of Happiness

Natural Candy

Cupid's Trunk

Indian Flavours

Christmas Tree

Christmas Candy Making

Strawberry Candy

Baby Feet Candy Making

Candy Karma Gift Box

Candy Roses

Celebrate Holi with Candy

Papabubble x StyleCracker Borough

Happy 2017 Typography

Au Naturale

Making of Love Candy

India Republic Day Candy

Christmas Stocking 

Watermelon Candy Making

Watermelon Candy

Jewel Candy

Happy New Year

Love Candy

RCCL - Cricket with Candy



Never Too Old

High-five for making it through another year. You’re now going to be expected to act your age and more grown up than ever before. So before that pressure begins, take this pretty box of artisanal goodness to a place no-one can find you. And freeze time. Savour every bit of it. Oh, and don’t forget to destroy all the evidence. Have a good one. 



You're special

You certainly mean a whole lot to the one who gave you this. The one who put in time and effort to hand-pick delicious candy only for you. No one else in the world has this exact box, with this exact combination of delightful candy in it.   

A big round of applause, for this wonderful person, who is most definitely a keeper. 


Candy Karma

This little box you’re holding? It’s full of good karma. Yes, believe it or not, these teeny bites of colourful artisanal candy are packed with our best wishes, love and loads of cheer, so season’s greetings to you and yours. May these bite-sized swirls fill your life with love, laughter and candy colours. 



Thank me later

This little box of artisanal candy is sure to change your life. It’s going to make bad days, feel better; bad moods disappear in an instant; and broken hearts bounce back with a vengeance. It’s going to bring back unicorns and rainbows. It’s going to make up for Mondays - and really, thats not sugar coating it.   

Well, sorta.