Mumbai is an ever-expanding city. At any given point in time, there is always a new ‘hot spot’ for real estate development. What used to be prime real estate ten years ago, today is valued lower than the current prime real estate. The centre of the city has shifted, and that’s the challenge faced by Rustomjee Developers when they were launching a brand new residential property, in what is known to be a business hub. It became imperative to educate the consumer on the benefits of living in BKC, close to offices and with a wide array of entertainment and recreation options. This art map accompanied by a booklet of trivia and facts highlighting the multiple points of interest in BKC enabled the developer to convince consumers that this was an area that will soon occupy a prime spot in the real estate market.


The map showcases the layout of the area, residential requirements like amenities, gardens, schools, and entertainment options, as well as the proximity of head quarters of large offices. The booklet explains the current state of the area, as well as what one could expect in the near future that would connect the area with different parts of the city.

We used a hybrid of water colour illustrations along with minimal line drawings to create a whole new look for what would have ordinarily been very information rich. We included elements like fish, hot air balloons, birds and clouds, to add to the fun element of the map, and also make an otherwise sparse area look a lot more buzzing.