Started by two incredible women who have a passion for natural skin remedies, this brand became an embodiment of their philosophy on life. The idea was to represent the fact that these are bespoke, hand made products, with the finest ingredients sourced from across the world. This brand needed to convey the purity of the intent (and ingredients)  they put into these products. While the brand has existed in it’s homegrown state for around 2 years, The Ritu^l found that it was now expanding, and needed a new avatar, one that conveyed it’s values at a glance, one that set itself apart from the rest of the plastic beauty products that are available in the market. The biggest draw for us here was that these products were cruelty free. How could we say no to a brand that supports our furry friends, and makes our world beautiful, not to mention, our faces. 


Photo credits: Akanksha Sood